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Infrastructure of Loop Reactor photo

"Loop Reactors" can be cleaned with CleanCo Systems cutting-edge patened 50K "Diamond Tip" Technology line cleaning system. This system is designed to clean the difficult-to-remove plastic adhered to the walls of this large diameter piping. 

Loop ReactorBlasting Tube Reactor

Loop reactors are used, for example, in the manufacture of poly(ethene) and the manufacture of poly(propene). Ethene (or propene) and the catalyst are mixed, under pressure, with a diluent, usually a hydrocarbon.  A slurry is produced which is heated and circulated around the loops. Particles of the polymer gather at the bottom of one of the loop legs and, with some hydrocarbon diluent, are continuously released from the system.  

600 HP Cummings Engine Pump Powers a Quinteplex

Clean-Co Systems' patented high-flow 50K pump mounted on a triple axle trailer for dependable delivery. The 600 HP Cummings Engine pump powers a Quinteplex - German designed all stainless power frame and head that can get up to 2000 hours of pack life without blowing the packing. What this means to the customer is no downtime with a continuous 24 hour use. Cleanco’s patented "Diamond Tip" process also features a double trigger electronic blast gun that is specially designed for safety to cut off immediately and the gun is cartridge-less so there are no seals to blow in the gun, eliminating any downtime due to changing seals. This also prevents any pressure loss. If our gauge says 50K, you can be assured you are getting 50K blasting away on your toughest projects.

Tough Project Clean-Co Can Clean 


Refrigerator-sized high-density polymer with hardners already added cut in half in seconds by Cleanco Systems Patented 50K High Pressure "Diamond Tip" Technology.

50K Loop Reactor Cleaning is the state of the art industrial and specialty cleaning technology

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