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Glass Blasting Cleaning

Glass Blasting Technology for Safe Abrasive Cleaning


In some cases, bead blasting with fine Glass Beads may be recommended for your industrial or commercial cleaning application. Glass blast is an abrasive blast cleaning alternative with engineered sandblast particulates that are environmentally safe. 

The worst problem in blasting is the presence of moisture in the system. This presents itself minimally as a surging at the blast nozzle to a complete clogging of the blast machine, cutting off the flow completely. Another problem is that wet air will cause flash rusting to the surface being blasted. The BA-375 was originally developed to be used in operations where there is a zero tolerance for moisture, namely Soda Blasting. The power-driven heat exchanger lowers the air temperature down to within 2 degrees of ambient. This essentially drops the water out of the compressed air. The water is then trapped by highly efficient coalescing moisture collectors keeping moisture from going into the operating machinery, such as the blast machine.


blast cleaning machine

Why choose dustless glass blasting for industrial cleaning?

CleanCo Systems Dustless Blaster is the fastest, most cost-effective, and environmentally friendly surface preparation tool. The machine does everything that a sandblaster can do, but more effectively. Our dustless blaster's wide range of applications makes it a highly versatile machine capable of efficiently removing coatings from various materials. How does it work? The Dustless Blaster mixes abrasive material and water in the blast tank. Imagine throwing a handful of wet sand versus a handful of dry sand. The dry sand wouldn't have much impact on the target, but it would blow in the wind and make a big mess. The same amount of wet sand would hit the target with more force, and wouldn't blow in the wind. The water adds more mass and energy to the blast while preventing dust. 

Dustless Blaster

12V DC Powered Aftercooler Moisture Removal System for Portable and Stationary Abrasive Blasting


Abrasive Blasting System

The Dustless Blaster Gets it Done Faster!

CleanCo Systems Dustless Blaster can remove mortar, concrete, grout, paint, and just about anything else we've tried it on. Whatever the job, the Dustless Blaster can get it done faster!

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