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High Pressure Cleaning

CleanCo Systems high pressure cleaning method is called "hydro blasting" and we utilize the superior Multi-Phased Hydroblaster system. Our specially-trained technicians use a patented injection cleaning system to direct a highly-pressurized hydro spray at surfaces. Na-184 has been added to the water. It is an ionic water hardener that forms droplets just hard enough to act as an abrasive boost. This dislodges paint and industrial deposits but cannot harm the original surface. The molecules of whatever we remove actually stick to the Na-184 and drain off without leaving a residue.

This is truly the ultimate in high-pressure cleaning.
For industrial and specialty purposes
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Off-Site Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Repair

With up to 40000 psi of water pressure that the Hydroblaster can generate, and the innovative additive Na-184, we offer an industry-leading removal method of fouling, scales, deposits, rust, paint, and grime that build up on industrial machinery and equipment. For example:

  • Build up in boilers and heat exchangers
  • Dirt and rust in towers and lines
  • Fouled tanks
  • Reactors
  • Encrusted sewers and pipes
  • Old paint on nearly any surface
  • Structural surfaces
  • High pressure cleaning of hard to reach places
  • Any unwanted surface matter
  • Internal and external areas
  • What do you need cleaned?

We know that the hydrolyzed ionic water we use for high pressure cleaning is completely safe for surfaces and poses no risk in the workplace. Na-184 is not toxic which makes it harmless to people and the environment. We also know that we back our technicians with a significant investment in training and safety equipment. You can be confident of the success – and the safety – of the job we perform for you.

Following our high pressure cleaning the surface is ready to paint, coat, and apply a sealant; or to go back into use. There is absolutely nothing left behind from the cleaning solute and the debris that was removed. Our process is faster, which can save you money. Our technicians use a larger nozzle, and so they remove more of the deposits in less time. We find that if we finish a project 20% faster, our customers can save roughly 20% on the cost of the job.

And there is another way choosing our high pressure cleaning services can save you operating expenses. The Multi-Phase Hydroblaster can do a number of jobs. Once our crews are on site, they can accomplish the hydro blasting, and then transition the equipment to utilize high pressure for other jobs. One example is cutting through high density polymer plastic lining a tower, or powering through rubber. Our technicians are trained in multiple uses of the equipment. Think of it this way: same machine, same crew, one location, several things they can accomplish for your company. You would want that kind of flexible productivity in your industry. High pressure cleaning is only the first of many services we can provide to you – in one visit.

At CleanCo Systems, we utilize an attachment to the Hydroblaster that enables cleaning flat surfaces while simultaneously vacuuming away the removed debris. We take away any danger of airborne hazard with this innovative industrial cleaning equipment. You can put away forever the pick axes, chisels, saws and hours of labor you used to need to clean industrial machinery and equipment. We welcome your call. You will quickly discover why we have become one of the leading industrial and specialty cleaning companies available.

High pressure cleaning peels away soft or hardened deposits
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We offer high pressure cleaning nationwide including 24-hour on-call service.