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C. Hanna Testimonial

To whom it may concern,

Signature Industrial Services provides Turnaround, Welding, and Exchanger Maintenance services to many of the major Oil and Chemical refineries in North America such as Valero, Motiva, ExxonMobil, to name a few. When working with our customers, it is extremely important to us that we bid their work competitively, while maintaining a high level of quality and efficiency from our company, and the subcontractors that work with us.

We recently partnered with CleanCo Systems to clean four Heat Exchangers for a new client. After pulling the Heat Exchangers, we ran into many unforeseen changes to the scope that was provided. Mickey Rooney and the management at CleanCo Systems worked with us to bring the project in on schedule, and within budget for our client despite the additional cleaning and trucking to and from the site. Furthermore, the Heat Exchangers provided to CleanCo were old and heavily fouled with product baked onto the tubes, and after cleaning with their SOK Hydro Blaster, appeared to be fresh off the factory floor.

CleanCo Systems has earned the top spot on our call list when exchanger cleaning is in our Scope of Work.

C. Hanna  – Purchasing Manager  – Signature Industrial Services

Houston , TX  Harris