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A vacuum truck is an industrial cleanup necessity. Because we are a premier industrial and specialty cleaning company, we have invested in a top-of-the-line fleet. We maintain vehicles for wet and dry removal; to safely pump away excavation dirt; to vacuum debris from hydro blast cleaning; and to safely collect sewage, wastewater or contaminated ground cover.

CleanCo Vacuum Truck

Our service is built on providing a top vacuum truck
operated by highly trained technicians
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Consider that one of our high-tech models is called "The Guzzler". It is the most innovative and cost effective self-contained vehicle of its kind. This outstanding vacuum truck guzzles up wet or dry accumulations using exceptionally powerful suction. It is also designed to be much quieter, which is important on work sites and outdoor projects including:

  • Pit and sump cleanout
  • Storm and sewer water drainage
  • Tanks
  • Trenches
  • Ponds
  • Basin water collection
  • Storage and transfer areas
  • Dust catch
  • Solids or liquids
  • Oil field servicing

We find "The Guzzler" is perfect for big jobs. Perhaps the most cost-effective benefit to you is that we can simultaneously remove some of the waste already in the truck while continuing to collect debris. This reduces downtime and facilitates greater cleanup in shorter time. You can request this brawny vacuum truck for your project!

This is not to say that our other vehicles are less effective; quite the contrary: all of them create top suction levels and can handle deep pulls and heavy sludge. Peak size and power is not always appropriate and so we maintain a group of vehicles equipped with varying wet and dry technologies. We are expert at matching the best vacuum truck to your job.

Clean-Co Vacuum Truck

  • Excavating and cleaning projects are markedly safer, quicker and less labor-intensive because the process is begins and ends at a high tech, on-site mobile response vehicle.

When using hydro power to excavate earth, we are able to use either water or air flow to get the material that we dig up to the truck. It frees ground crews from shoveling, running a backhoe, or taking time to dispose of the dirt. There are no backfill piles on site to work around. All of the excavated earth is inhaled to a tank on the truck, and often into a waiting dump truck.

Clean Co Sewer Cleaning


When using hydro technology for high pressure cleaning, the ability to blast and vacuum away the debris means a much cleaner job site, elimination of residue, and enhanced ability to safely dispose of the deposits and paint that were removed. With a vacuum truck, cleaning and disposal happen at the same time. When your project involves contaminated or hazardous fouling, it is sent directly to the holding tank on the truck, traveling through a wide hose. This vastly improves the safety of hydro blasting in industrial venues and adheres to health guidelines as well as workplace safety standards.


When necessary, the more powerful suction generated by a vacuum truck enables a long pull, if the vehicle has to be a distance from the removal site. The strength of the suction enables the intake tube to travel up a vertical rise and still maintain its removal power.

These specially designed and built vehicles are versatile enough to handle everything from industrial sludge to the soil above an underground utility line.

Clean Co Trucks are specially designed

A great vacuum truck is made better by its operator.
Ours are well-trained for the specific equipment they use.
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We can dispatch a vacuum truck nationwide to meet your industrial needs.