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About Us

Clean-Co Systems Offers Patented Injection Cleaning System for Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Tanks, Reactors and Piping


Clean-Co Systems Industrial Service Company is committed to providing the highest quality of work with the highest degree of safety for our valued customers, employees, and the communities they support. Our objective of excellence will be realized through rigorous training, thorough planning and flawless execution. Clean-Co Systems is one of the leading industrial and specialty cleaning companies in Houston, Texas. We have some of the largest ultra high pressure water blasting machines in the United States and a patented process that is definitely a step above the rest. Clean-Co Systems offers quality performance with an excellent safety record of five years without a recordable. We also offer 24-hour on call Nationwide service.

Hydroblaster being used by Clean-Co Systems Technician A twenty-percent reduction in cost could be realized by using the Multi-Phased Hydroblaster, developed by Clean-Co Systems, Inc., if standard hydroblasting was used in prior projects. Standard Hydroblasting is not always the answer. Planning and scheduling a shutdown or turnaround is not a small task. Every detail has to be considered and calculated in order to complete a project within the estimated budget. In most cases, using actual time and labor costs of previous projects are influential in establishing the new budget expectations. The Multi-Phased Hydroblaster, developed by Clean-Co Systems Inc., combines their patented injection cleaning system and NA-184, a stable hydrolyzed ionic water hardener. This system creates a soft abrasive in the water, (water hardener) that evaporates, just like water, leaving no residue. The surface is ready to paint or be put back into service.

The feed rate of NA-184 water is 100 parts per million (PPM). It is non-toxic and environmentally safe. It is also undetectable during the cleaning process or upon completion. The hydrolyzed ionic water causes debris and waste deposits to literally stick to the droplets and rinse off in one application. A 50% larger nozzle is utilized, removing more material much faster. A 20 percent reduction in time to complete a project can add up to 20 % savings overall. When high pressure is needed to cut through high or low density polymers, rubber, coke, or scaling, Clean-Co Systems Inc. can "pump up the volume" with 400 horsepower and twelve gallons per minute of flow. (G.P.M. = depth of cut) Compared to four gallons per minute from conventional systems, Clean-Co Systems Inc. can reduce time and cost on even the toughest jobs.

A recent demonstration of the cutting power of the patented Multi-Phase Hydroblaster was performed at the headquarters of Clean-Co Systems Inc. Industrial Service Company in Houston, Texas. The hydroblast technician cut a three-foot diameter ball of high density polymer in half. Starting on one side and working through to the other, the process took a little over six minutes to complete. It was very impressive! The next demonstration was the Multi-Phase's ability to prepare surfaces for painting and resurfacing. Using an old heat exchanger with an industrial coating, the hydroblast technician cleaned a twelve inch square area down to bare metal in mere seconds. The Multi-Phase Hydroblaster will even cut concrete.

Superior technology

We bring to a jobsite some of the most powerful water blast technology in the United States. We have developed and patented our hydroblasting process. Our Multi-Phase Hydroblaster is capable of generating a jet of water pressurized to as much as 40,000 pounds per square inch. This is cleaning power only our superior technology can deliver. Change nozzles and it becomes a hydro tool that can cut metal.

We recently brought into service a heat exchanger cleaning facility, which includes multi-tube lancing. Our operation is safely remote controlled. The SPIN JET® cleans tubes faster than manual workers ever could, and tube lancing can be completed in half the time. We operate a 100,000 pound crane for maneuvering heat exchangers. Having your machinery hydro-cleaned offsite is actually faster than doing it on your property.

For pipeline and sewer inspection, our remote controlled robotic camera is the high tech method for transmitting real time video of the inside walls of a pipe. This "crawler" technology pinpoints exactly where repairs are needed, and enables very accurate cleaning of blockages and deposits with no cutting or digging to uncover what's wrong.


Our crews have not had a reportable safety incident in 10 years! We attribute that to the fact that they average more than 5 years of experience and to their safety training. Our supervisors have 30 hours of OSHA training, and our technicians complete a 10 hour safety course.

We have been honored by a major Texas petroleum complex for logging more than 130,000 man hours without an injury over nine consecutive years.

All of our employees receive a 40-hour safety program prior to beginning work as a "Hydro-Blast Technician". We have earned a very high EMR rating. 


Hydro-blast cleaning, cutting and excavating provide unparalleled results. Creating and harnessing pressure to drive a stream of water is extraordinarily effective for removing deposits, cutting steel or polymer coatings, and for exact excavating and precise soil remediation.

Our performance record includes on-call emergency service to industries nationwide. At any hour of the day or night we can dispatch the equipment and crews you need. We promise a one-hour response time in the Houston area.

Our operators and technicians are cross-trained and certified for hydroblasting, chemical cleaning and vacuum truck work.

We maintain our place as a leading industrial and specialty cleaning companies by committing to the acquisition of innovations in equipment and technology. We maintain our record of quality results by setting high standards for our operators and technicians and ensuring that they are trained and certified. We have been honored to serve the petroleum, chemical and other industries across the country.

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Clean-Co Systems provides industrial services nationwide including 24-hour on-call emergency response.