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Hydro Blasting Services in Houston

Hydroblasting is capable of cutting through grime, deposits and manufacturing fouling – and then slicing through hard surfaces with unprecedented cutting power. It is the most versatile technology available to industry. A blast of water, with an added abrasive, under extreme pressure, results in unparalleled power.

Hydroblasting has replaced lengthy,
dangerous and inefficient
industrial cleaning and cutting
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top down view of a extruder     closeup view of a clogged extruder

The above images and below video from an emergency job at a plastics plant where a very large extruder became plugged with a polymer plastic. CleanCo Systems used a 50,000 psi Hydro blaster to cut out the polymer.  Job DONE.

The injection cleaning system on our Hydroblaster is patented. We developed the Multi-Phase Technology specifically to deliver the kind of intense high pressure cleaning industry requires.

Our leading edge technology is the Multi-Phased Hydroblaster. It has at least four features that make it different and better than other hydroblasting systems in use.

  • An injection cleaning system
  • A non-toxic water hardener
  • A 50% larger nozzle saves you money
  • Ultra-high pressure capability


Hydroblasting at 40,000 PSI


The injection cleaning system on our Hydroblaster is patented. We developed the Multi-Phase Technology specifically to deliver the kind of intense high pressure cleaning industry requires.

The use of a water hardener – Na184 – is a step forward in industrial cleaning using hydroblasting technology. Essentially it is the opposite of a water softener. In this case, it is an ion that creates a molecular abrasive that pries grime loose. It also forms a bond with the debris, which rinses away with the water because it sticks to the abrasive. You can't see the hardener in the water and you can't see it when the job is done, because it evaporates, leaving no residue and only the debris to be swept away. You very quickly put your equipment back into service or have it ready for coating or painting.

A nozzle that is 50% larger than conventional power machines enables our technicians to clean a larger area in a shorter period of time. When assessing the labor costs for your hydroblasting, for every 5% decrease in time needed to do the job, you save 5% on the cost. If we deliver a 20% faster completion, you can, as they say, do the math!

When the highest possible pressure is needed for very tough jobs, such as cutting through scaling, coke, polymers, or rubber, our system winds up to 400 horsepower, delivering 40,000 psi at twelve gallons per minute (compare that to a conventional machine that peaks at four gallons per minute). This is a second opportunity to save you money because that kind of high pressure cuts the time it takes to complete your project, further reducing your costs.

Industry chooses us for hydroblasting all of their most difficult cleaning surfaces:

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Boilers
  • Tanks and Vessels
  • Reactors
  • Pipes


CleanCo SYstems industrial hydroblasting operators are trained in getting the versatility out of our equipment. We developed the Multi-Phase Hydroblaster to move seamlessly from a cleaning job to a cutting project. The industry finds this extremely cost-effective, because it means using one crew that operates one set of equipment and hiring us as the sole contractor. There are so many applications of the equipment, and you can schedule all of them with us. Once our operators finish removing paint from a storage tank, they can transition to getting grease off of machinery, and then move on to the work of cutting out and removing the lining of a reactor or safely making a hole in a tank that had stored flammables.

Our unique Hydroblaster has a spin jet attachment to deliver high pressure flat surface cleaning. It is attached to a vacuum truck so that all of the debris is cleanly suctioned away rather than flying around fouling the area as a wand blaster usually does. 

Hydroblasting cleans - cuts - excavates
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We offer hydroblasting services nationwide.