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You may need environmental services by choice, or by chance. No matter the reason, you need our emergency and rapid response, leading edge technology and safety-trained operators and technicians.

Whether you need cleanup of a threat to the environment, or are exercising earth-friendly policies, we are the first choice nationwide for clean-up.

Our environmental services are available on an emergency basis
Call 1-866-922-2626 now to get our experts on the road to you

In high priority situations, you want our Emergency Waste Disposal Services.

Our technicians, operators and supervisors are specially trained in cleaning up liquids, solids, sludge, gas, oil, soil and more. We maintain vehicles specific to transporting and disposing of waste hazards, and our drivers and operators are fully trained in safety precautions and environmental rules.

The removed materials will be hauled-off and disposed of properly, and we can handle drum and bulk waste. We adhere to safety and environmental guidelines for treating, recycling, burning and disposing of waste and waste byproducts in landfills. We can respond within an hour in the local area, and get on the way immediately when you need us anywhere in the United States.

Tanker Truck Emergency Spill Clean Up from Hazardous Waste

Our environmental services include:

  • Hazardous substance containment and removal
  • Oil spill cleanup
  • Soil remediation
  • Sealing and removal of drums leaking hazardous materials (or suspect materials)
  • Hydro blast cleaning with vacuum pump removal of waste water
  • Dry ice blast cleaning using earth-safe CO2
  • Storm or earthquake related environmental issues
  • What environmental services do you need to protect or restore your facility?

Environmental Clean-up:

If your project involves washing down surfaces, our cleaning process is environmentally sound. Our hydroblasting technology uses only pressurized water. It has been naturally ionized to make it “hard water” which is slightly abrasive to surfaces. The hard water evaporates normally, leaving no hazardous residue, and the slurry mixture of water and removed hazardous substances is suctioned away into a truck-mounted storage tank. In any environmental spill, this is the earth-safe method of hard-surface cleanup.

Safety and Compliance are requirements of Environmental Services.

As you know, OSHA sets strict guidelines for workplace safety in environmentally sensitive situations. Our supervisors have all received the 30-hour OSHA training, and our technicians and operators have completed the 10-hour worker safety training. In addition, there are laws and procedures governing treatment, handling and disposal of hazardous wastes. All of our procedures are in keeping with the (RCRA) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act; (CERCLA) the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act for cleanup, soil contamination remediation and emergency pollution; and (VCUP) The Voluntary Cleanup Program guidelines.

One of our important environmental services is site soil remediation. This can be necessary after an oil spill; following the confirmation of hazardous contamination; for protection of groundwater and more. Our primary goal is the efficient, systematic removal of any health risk which will enable you to get that area back into service or in compliance. CleanCo Systems industrial vacuum truck technology removes the soil through powerful suction tubes, reducing or eliminating airborne dust. We are able to use hydro-excavating procedures to “turn up” only as much soil as is needed and to avoid any mistakes, such as going too deep into an aquifer.

One of our premier environmental services is oil spill cleanup. CleanCo Systems were called in to be part of the Deep Water Horizon spill project in the Gulf, dispatching 40 pieces of equipment and vehicles. We also rent equipment for use in your environment projects, and can also provide operators.


For environmental services ranging from hazardous waste removal
To specialty cleaning, call 1-866-922-2626 now

We dispatch vehicles and crews for environmental services nationwide.