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Video inspection takes the guesswork out of determining the condition of pipes, pipelines and drains.

Remote crawler camera for video inspection

We can locate blockages and perform troubleshooting and maintenance investigations. We provide remote controlled robotic camera technology on steerable crawler and skilled operators with experience.

Video inspection can find the problem fast
Or determine that there is no problem
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With "live" robotic camera video of the inside of a pipe, you don't have to turn a spade of dirt until you have precise information on the location of your problem and the extent of it. The video can be recorded and replayed for engineers and manufacturer representatives grappling with the issue. Digital still photos can be captured and kept in-hand by repair crews. With video inspection, repairs are precise. You get actual high-resolution detail of the interior of a pipe.

  • You get digital color video (no black and white ghosting)
  • Video is transmitted in real time
  • The picture is consistent – no fading
  • You monitor the images on a screen in the field
  • The pictures are easily recorded on a flash drive for playback
  • The camera carries its own directional lighting
  • The lens can pan and tilt
  • The video inspection robot can be stopped for a closer look
  • It can roll backward for a second look
  • Pneumatic wheels for better traction
  • Motorised elevator for camera height adjustment
  • Over 650' of tethered line that can be increased to 1000' for overcoming distance
  • You get a video view of hard to reach locations

You can take the guesswork out of periodic maintenance and assessment of sewer, pipes and pipelines with video camera inspections.

A remote camera traveling through a pipe on our crawler gives you the most exact imaging possible on the condition of your infrastructure. The accuracy of the information transmitted during camera pipeline inspection gives you actionable data. You can judge for yourself the progression of corrosion, the extent of wear or the severity of a crack or tiny leak you didn't know was there. You can discover foreign objects and assess their impact on operations.

  • There is no electricity tied to the robot camera. It is battery powered up to 8 hours, making it the safest technology when examining pipelines that carry hydrocarbons, gases or byproducts. Electricity would carry the potential of igniting gases. Unlike some devices tied to an air compressor, this technology requires no external power.
  • The robot looks a little bit like a worm on wheels or off road probe. It is stainless steel and the tractor is navigable through residual wetness. This is essential for water and sewer pipe video inspection. We sometimes call it a "crawler" because that accurately describes how it functions inside pipes.

 CleanCo-Remote-inspection-camera-Controls.png CleanCo-Remote-inspection-camera-33x.png

This is the best available technology for inspecting pipes in preparation for cleaning or repairs. We offer this high tech service independently, and we can "send in the robot camera" as part of our full-service approach to pipe cleaning or confined space inspections. We use high technology for cleaning, too. We bring in our "Ramjet" to dislodge blockages and remove encrustations – using the force of high pressure jets of water. Our jet rodder is fast, adding to the time saved by our video inspection robotics.

Our remote controlled inspection camera can be operated inside piping that is six inches in diameter or larger, and the zoom head functions in diameters of eight inches or larger. This technology has leaped over ultrasonic and magnetic imaging of pipelines for detecting defects. It is far more cost efficient than those technologies. It adapts to real world conditions, and operates well regardless of the material, the condition of the pipe, or the weather.

Mobile Video Camera and Van

CleanCo Systems video crawlers and supporting equipment are supported by trucks and technicians to travel to your site. Mobile response with vans allow us to get on-site quickly and travel to hard to reach destinations. Cameras, crew and equipment are a mobile package. From sewers, to pipeline and tanks, we can scan and record inside pipes.

Video Inspection van from CleanCo


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We provide our mobile crawler units for video inspection nationwide.