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Our oil spill cleanup rapid response puts all of our industrial specializations to work for you at once. We have the vacuum pumps and trucks; the storage equipment; and the tanker vehicles. CleanCo Systems' superbly-trained, multi-tasking cleaning and disposal technicians and operators have earned OSHA certifications. And we are set up to dispatch crews and apparatus to anywhere in the country – rapidly. When you need us there "yesterday", call immediately.

CleanCo Systems was dispatched to Mobile, Alabama to provide over 40 vacuum trucks and operators to aid in the Deep Horizon Oil Spill emergency response.

For emergency oil spill cleanup mobilization
Call 1-866-922-2626

One of our largest and most effective mobilizations recently was the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We dispatched our teams and equipment to the southeast US. In all, we provided 40 vacuum trucks and operators in an emergency response to the Deep Horizon Oil Spill. One of the challenges we met was to provide a 130 barrel vacuum tanker that was utilized offshore on a barge. An immediate response to your oil spill cleanup will include all needed equipment such as:

  • Liquid transport tank trucks
  • Vacuum tankers
  • Roll off equipment
  • High velocity vacuum equipment for fluid and sludge
  • Top suctioning vacuum apparatus for dry substances
  • Equipment rental
  • Providing skilled operators
  • Transportation resources

Oil Spill Clean-up

When your oil spill cleanup demands our Emergency Waste Disposal Services, call us to immediately send out trained drivers in vehicles designed for waste transportation and disposal. Our full-service emergency response includes haul-off and safe disposal of drum and bulk waste. Our operators are trained in cleaning up liquid, solid and part-solids, sludge, or gas and disposing of it safely. We provide recycling, treatment incineration, and landfill dumping that adhere to all of the government's environmental and safety requirements. Our proximity to the petroleum industries and our ability to provide emergency manpower and equipment have made us the first company to call in the event of oil spills, and other industrial incidents anywhere in the United States.

  • Hazardous substance containment and clean-up
  • Non-hazardous material cleanup
  • Punctured lines
  • Tank overflows
  • Leaking drums
  • Saddle tank spills
  • Pipeline rupture oil spill cleanup
  • Facility releases
  • Hurricane, earthquake and storm damage
  • Site Remediation

Safety at an oil spill cleanup site is our top priority. Our record of safety is very important to industrial and government customers. For nine years in a row, one major international oil company honored us with its annual Safety Award for our outstanding record of no injuries during 130,000 hours of cleaning service! We are proud that our experienced technicians and safety first commitment have resulted in 10 years with no recordable worksite safety issues.

It is often necessary for a company to remove contaminated earth as a final step in oil spill cleanup. Site restoration is another of the full service specializations our response teams provide. Soil remediation is subject to a wide array of government regulation, and you may have company rules to meet as well. We are trained to clean up soil contamination as quickly as is possible with every safety and environmental precaution. We remove the health risk and get the area returned to service. All of our procedures adhere to (RCRA) The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act regulating treatment, handling and disposal of waste hazards. We comply with (VCUP) The Voluntary Cleanup Program for independent soil removal. Our process conforms to (CERCLA) The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act for controlled cleanup, emergency pollution, and soil contamination remediation.

We are exceptionally well prepared and equipped to handle your oil spill cleanup
Call 1-866-922-2626 now and we'll be on our way to the site

We dispatch crews and equipment to any oil spill cleanup nationwide.