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Rotary Hose Device - Industrial Pipe Cleaning System Safely Removes Deposits

CleanCo Systems rotating system is a revolutionary, industrial internal pipe cleaning system with specially designed spin cleaning nozzles.

The R.H.D. and hose are rotated as it passes through the pipe while the cleaning nozzle remains forced against the pipe wall to improve cleaning compared to other pipe cleaning techniques. Applications include cleaning of solidly blocked or scaled tubes.


Rotating Hose and Industrial Cleaning Applications:

  • The removal of many tough, hard, or brittle deposits from the inside of tubular products with comparatively high cleaning rates.
  • The cleaning of tubular products that are solidly plugged with a wide variety of deposits.
  • The removal of many products from concrete, PVC, steel, and any other pipe materials with minimal damage to the pipe.
  • The cleaning of heat exchanger tubes in areas with limited access.



CleanCo Systems is proud to own and maintain a variety of high end Hyrdoblast pumps. This variety allows us to choose the exact RHD machinery for the location and job. We can bring in a 700 HP - 24,000 psi HydroBlaster providing 44 gallons of liquid per minute for large diameter pipes, tubing, and tanks. 


Rotating Hydroblast Services and Hose System Features:

RHD Pipe Cleaning photo

  • Maximum working pressure – 40,000 psi.
  • Maximum range- 200 gpm up to 12,000 psi; available in 8 gpm @ 40,000 psi.
  • Maximum cleaning distance – 1500 feet in length.
  • The unit can normally negotiate bends in piping systems.
  • The machine is comparatively light and portable permitting its use in many small or elevated work areas.
  • Rotational speed, rotational direction, pressure, and flow are all remotely and independently controllable.


Rotating hydroblasting cleaning services takes water jetting to an improved level by automatically applying the stream to all of the piping cleaning the inside diameter of the area. The ability to negotiate bends and elbows reduces the need for breaking down pipes or scaffolding saving time and money. Be the here of your team by using safe Rotating Hydroblast cleaning for your industrial services. 


Contact the CleanCo Systems Industrial team to ask about your hard to clean systems. Our rotating hydroblast procedures are fast, safe, affordable and save you downtime. Call (866)-922-2626 for a quote.