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Our sewer drain cleaning service uses "jet rodding" technology to break through blockages in sewer lines and to scour off caked deposits. A jet rodder functions like a jackhammer, but the hammering action is not from a metal edge, but rather from rapid bursts of extremely pressurized water. It disintegrates the blockage and then flushes away the debris. It is the latest technology for cleaning sewer, storm water, grease, and industrial drains. For an emergency blockage, or for periodic maintenance to prevent problems, this is the leading edge technology.

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CleanCo Systems jet rodder technology is called the "Ramjet", and the name explains the cleaning force of high pressure jets of water. Clearing storm and sewer drains and pipes not only prevents backups and flooding, but also makes drainage systems last longer. Our service will keep you in compliance with government regulations. Our equipment and operators are workplace safety compliant and the system is self contained and truck-mounted. The commercial and industrial sewer drain cleaning applications are nearly unlimited.

The water runoff in a parking lot or industrial transit area can be full of all kinds of debris from gravel to garbage. When the runoff isn't running off because of a blockage, our equipment restores the flow. Sanitary lines can clog from heavy use or from repeated disposal of inappropriate products, such as fabric or some paper. Commercial drains can become clogged with grease, oil, and production waste. Industrial drains can be fouled with manufacturing by-products. The jet rodding technology for sewer drain cleaning efficiently breaks blockages in sewer lines, scours them clean, and flushes out the debris.

Jet rodding can dislodge a variety of materials causing blockages and encrusting drains and lines:

  • Tree roots
  • Grease and oil
  • Industrial deposits
  • Sediments
  • Organic fouling such as leaves and grass
  • Rust and oxidation
  • Sludge
  • Cement slurry
  • Food manufacturing debris
  • Silt
  • Scale

Regular sewer drain cleaning and line maintenance is simple and unobtrusive with our truck mounted Ramjet and jet rodder. Our trucks can carry their own water – up to two-thousand gallons – and the water jet pressure is adjustable to the job at hand. It is often a single operator project. Periodically flushing of debris eliminates overflows that can disrupt production. It can keep poor performing and poorly designed sewer systems functioning as effectively as possible. If it shouldn't be in there, we can get it out. Even the toughest built-up debris can be dislodged with water jet ramming action.

  • We also offer state of the art video inspection of drains and lines, to determine the exact cause and location of blockages and build-up in advance of a sewer drain cleaning project. When you aren't certain why you are having flow problems, tele-inspection technology enables targeted removal and protection of pipe systems.
  • When tough, hard, and brittle deposits are plugging pipes and other tubes, we offer vacuum truck technology that simultaneously removes grit, silt and sludge from drainage systems.
  • For heavy buildup on the inside of pipes, we can provide high pressure water blasting for sewer drain cleaning that uses a hose that continually rotates against the walls of pipes. It can maneuver corners and bends and can clean solid blocking and scaling.

Our operators are trained and skilled at quick service, limited downtime, and effective unblocking or preventive maintenance. We are the first choice for your specialized industrial and commercial cleaning.

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