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Pipe inspection using our "explosion-proof" intrinsically safe robotic cameras and video technology has become the speedy, cost-effective method for Oilfield, Processing, and Industrial Companies.


Our crawler camera equipment easily reaches difficult and blocked spaces, providing detailed, live, and recorded video.

CleanCo-Pipe-camera-Zone-1CleanCo Zone 1 Remote inspection camera



 Pipe and Tank Inspection Cameras Provide:

  • InPipe high-flow and large-diameter pipe inspections
  • Intrinsically safe, sealed camera equipment
  • Detect and locate hidden problems
  • Perform scheduled assessments
  • Maintenance planning
  • Gauge buildup and deposits
  • Investigate the severity of leaks or breaks
  • Formulate repair procedures
  • Preparation for cleaning
  • Post-cleaning assessment
  • Pre-commissioning services for pipes and pipelines
  • Final check of new pipelines before putting them in service

CleanCo Systems provides scheduled and emergency camera inspections for
small and large-diameter pipelines and tanks.

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The tools for pipeline inspection

Only our "live" color video can give you a clear, immediate look at the inside walls of your pipes. The robotic camera technology we utilize provides adaptability for confined and hard-to-reach spaces.

We use a state-of-the-art remotely controlled robotic camera on a crawler to perform pipeline inspection. It has been described as an inchworm on a self-propelled flatbed that can crawl through muck, scaling, and standing water. If it encounters a blockage, it provides a clear image to a monitor on the outside, and then it backs out to make room for clearing any clog or blockage.

The camera and motorized mount are battery-powered and sealed to be intrinsically safe. You monitor real-time transmission of the pipeline inspection that is also recorded. This is a high-tech replacement for ultrasound and magnetic imaging, which are far more expensive and far less adaptable to the conditions in most field operations. Video has clearly eliminated time-consuming and costly digging or cutting simply to identify and locate a problem.

Our pipeline inspection crawler camera delivers high-resolution, color pictures, which is invaluable when assessing the specific materials in a line blockage and for appraising rust, corrosion, or blockage.

See our Photo Album of pipeline inspection recorded images: 

See our Photo Album of scan pipeline inspection van images: 


Camera inspection of rough terrain obstacles Entry-B-238-feet-east

Digital color videography has rendered obsolete grainy, ghosting black-and-white images. Because it is digital video, still photos can be captured. The video is easily stored on a hard or flash drive and can be emailed to engineers or consultants.

This sensitive camera operates exceptionally well in low light and carries its own directional illumination. The lens can pan and tilt and 360° capability is possible. The fact that it is remote-controlled and not tethered allows the device to explore deep into pipelines, tanks, drains, or pipes.

  • Our pipeline inspection technology can be operated in diameters as little as six inches, with zoom head capability in pipes of eight inches in diameter or larger.
  • The electronics are sheathed in stainless steel and aluminum, making them waterproof up to a high level of moisture.
  • OSHA compliance has been NRTL certified.
  • EX and ATFM Global have approved this technology, which has been certified for use in situations involving hazardous material.

Our industrial services include high pressure jet cleaning and clearing of pipes. The benefit to you is that we are already on site to clear blockages and deposits immediately. CleanCo Systems operators can move from inspection to high-pressure cleaning and jet rodding that removes scaling and clogging, or to ready the walls for repairs.

Since the industry often needs to have a look inside a pipeline urgently, we offer emergency response for immediate needs. In the Houston area, we are often able to be there within one hour.

Nationwide, our rapid response has been appreciated by a number of industries.


Innovators in Pipe Locating Services

We deliver a full range of subsurface investigation services in the United States, providing the highest quality underground utility or pipe locating services using GPR for our customers. We use the latest technology for pipe location and marking before and during excavation.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained and field-tested to ensure we are providing the best and safest services using the latest technology available.

What Is GPR?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface even in rough, uneven, and harsh environments.

How does GPR Work?

GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar locating equipment transmits pulses of ultra-high frequency radio waves down into the ground through a transducer (or antenna) up to 50 feet in depth. The transmitted energy is reflected back from various buried objects. The GPR’s antenna receives the reflected radio waves on the digital control unit, which enables the identification of the objects by our technicians.

Map of locating tracks in a city

Clean-Co System’s equipment can confidently detect most buried utilities, including fiberglass, concrete, cast iron, clay, fiber, brick, transite (asbestos cement products), underground voids, underground storage tanks (UST), rebar and plastic pipes that may not be detectable with conventional locating methods. Our pipe-locating service provides fast, reliable information on-site within moments of the scan. Even in areas of overhead power lines or electric power substations that produce electrically “noisy” environments, our GPR equipment filters out these interferences. With integrated GPS, mark pipe locations for future management and safety audits.

With this technology, Clean-Co Systems technicians can show metallic and non-metallic subsurface features without the labor and cost-intensive method of probing, digging, or drilling. Avoid costly mistakes with digging and excavation and maintain site integrity and schedules.

As a company, Clean-Co Systems is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our industrial services, and we believe GPR technology offers great value to the industries we serve. In addition, we provide expert pipeline inspection by camera and video.

Worker using a GPR hand-held device in the field



Our camera technology has made pipe locating and inspection
services more effective in less time
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