CleanCo Systems is working hard and upholding the commitments we made to supporting your business.
We are very focused on protecting the health and safety of our workforce while maintaining
the ability to keep serving you. Our message.


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Industrial Cleaning Machine for Equipment Services


Clean-Co Systems is one of the leading industrial and specialty cleaning companies in Houston, Texas. We have some of the largest ultra-high pressure water blasting machines in the United States and a patented process that is definitely a step above the rest. Clean-Co Systems offers quality performance with a safety record of 5 years with no recordables as well as a 24-hour on call Nationwide service.

Our services and equipment consist of: Chemical Cleaning, High Pressure Hydroblasting, Paint Preparation and Removal, Vacuum Truck Services, Hydro Excavating, Commissioning, De-Commissioning, Metal Cutting, Cold Cutting, Soil Remediation, Multi Tube Lancing, Shell Side Machine Services, Offsite Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services, RHD Pipe Cleaning, Robotic Camera Pipe Inspections, Soil Remediation and Steam Generator Rental.

  • Clean-Co Systems’ Operators and Technicians have an average of 5+ years experience.
  • Clean-Co Operators and Technicians are trained and certified to do hydroblasting, chemical cleaning and vacuum truck work.
  • Clean-Co Systems has the latest technology and equipment along with a patented cleaning process.
  • Clean-Co Systems has an excellent EMR rating with Zero Injuries.
  • Clean-Co Systems promises a (1) one hour response time. (In the Houston area.)
  • All Clean-Co Supervisors OSHA 30 Hour Trained.

Emergency Hotline: 713-304-4148