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Houston Water Blasting Services

Water blasting is the very descriptive term for removing industrial grime, fouling, deposits and oxidation using water under very high pressure, which is directed at a surface through a specialized blast nozzle. Don't confuse this with power washing. This is an ultra high pressure, continuous water burst. Our technicians aim it specifically and control it tightly, for an industrial cleaning result that is second to none.

Water blasting works on the interiors
and the exteriors of structures and machinery
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In order to deliver the powerful and precise specialty cleaning that our industrial clients require, we developed our own patented process. The central part of this service is our 10,000 to 40,000 psi pressure system which we call the Multi-Phase Hydroblaster. (Hydro means water = water blasting). Our process also uses an injection system, and ionized water for additional abrasion.

This is chemical-free, environmentally-sound, and workplace-safe cleaning. It cannot damage the surface. It is the most effective – and cost effective - option available to industry today. We have logged hundreds of thousands of hours of service to the petroleum, chemical and other manufacturing industries, who have come to rely on our water blasting technology to clean essential equipment.

  • Storage tanks
  • Vessels
  • Boilers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Tube bundles
  • Railroad cars
  • Silos
  • Any tough, critical cleaning requirement

As an example, let's say that fouling has forced you to slow or shut down an operation. Water blasting is the top choice for several reasons. First, it is faster than other methods, because we use a 50% larger nozzle to clean more of the surface at a faster clip. Second, all of the water and debris can be suctioned away through a vacuum hose attached to the nozzle. The powerful vacuum truck at the other end pumps and stores the removal water and debris. There is no standing water and no sweeping up. You can get your equipment back into operation sooner. Hydro cleaning eliminates the need to use hazardous chemicals on your property, which can also delay getting your equipment back online until fumes have dissipated and hazardous drainage removed.

Water blasting is tailor made for cleaning heat exchangers and tube bundles

CleanCo Systems constructed a custom designed facility for time-saving equipment cleaning at our site. The fact that the high pressure water can be so controlled, and so specifically directed through a water jet, makes it the only true cleaning option for the interior of tubes and for eliminating blockages. Removing heat exchangers off site actually means they are back in service sooner. Because work at our facility is streamlined and there are no special on-site precautions that have to be made to deal with residual gases, jobs are completed and equipment back online fast.

For really tough water blasting jobs, the Multi-Phase Hydroblaster is powered by a 400hp engine that can generate as much as 40,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. That will cut steel, and there is no coating or debris that can stand up to it. We have successfully removed polymer coatings from inside vessels, and have cleaned an interior coating off of a reactor.

Is it safe? We let our safety record attest to how risk-free it is to clean with pressurized water. In the past ten years, there have been no reportable injuries or safety incidents on any of our worksites.

Water blasting is the state of the art industrial and specialty cleaning technology
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We dispatch expert crews and equipment for water blasting nationwide.