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Water jet cutting means you never again have to run the risk of dangerous sparks or heat generation when you need to cut in an environment with petroleum or chemical residues and gas fumes. CleanCo Systems uses highly pressurized water, fully controlled and very specifically aimed. Industries increasingly embrace it as the only safe alternative to making a cut in thick metal or polymers and other coatings. It eliminates blow torches, chain saws, and pickaxes.

The application of cold cutting can be used on:

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Stone
  • Metals
  • Laminates
  • GRBP's
  • Glass
  • and many other hard surfaces

Houston Water Jet Cutting Services

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Our technology is state of the art. By putting water under pressure up to 40,000 psi, and channeling it through a narrow nozzle with a special tip, and supplementing the water with a garnet abrasive, it will cut metal and a host of other hard surfaces. The technology is also superb for the efficient slicing of softer surfaces. Here are the benefits and comparison to conventional cutters:

Different angles of Abrasive Cutting Device

  • Water jet cutting does not require heat to work, which is a marked difference from torch cutting. In tanks and vessels where flammable materials and hydrocarbons have been stored, this is an essential safety difference from flame cutters.
  • It will not overheat, which can cause delays in a project. In fact, the minimal amount of heat generated by the surface material is absorbed by the water and drained off into a catch tank. The tip itself barely heats up at all. Engineers call this Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) and the lack of one means no fumes are generated.
  • The tightly directed spray does not produce the vibrations of mechanical cutting, making it very safe in potentially explosive environments.
  • Water jet cutting does not put any mechanical stress on the material, because there is no "pushing" at the surface to force the cutting edge in. This makes it very different from mechanical cutting, chain saws, and picks axes.
  • Water jet cutting does not dull the tip, unlike metal cutters, which slows down the speed of cutting and can stop a project while it is replaced.
  • The water stream is capable of moving at 2.5 times the speed of sound! The accuracy is assured by our highly trained operators who are fully OSHA compliant.
  • In some industrial situations, the use of water jet cutting can eliminate the need for stand-by emergency personnel.


  • Water Jet CuttingThe equipment is very versatile for use on steel, brass, aluminum, and hard alloys. All have been efficiently cut with our technology. In some polymer plants, it has replaced chainsaws for removing hardened plastic. We conducted a demonstration at a Texas polymers facility and they were sold on the process when they saw an 8 x 12-inch window sliced into a solid block of high-density plastic polymer. Another example of the power of water jet cutting was demonstrated on an oil storage tank made of steel plates more than an inch thick. We cut a 12 x 12-foot section with no risk from working in a petroleum environment.

The technology is safe, and so are our operators and technicians, who have an average of 5 years of experience and are certified to perform hydroblasting. Our equipment is leading edge. Supervisors have had 30 hours of OSHA training and we have a very high EMR rating from insurers. We are leaders in industrial services, and hundreds of people in the petrochemical industries rely on water jet technology and the expertise of our company.

Water jet cutting can be faster, far safer, and much more versatile
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