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Clean-Co Systems' specialized Vacuum and Roll Off Truck Services collect and transport (wet or dry) hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Vacuum equipment including stainless steel, carbon steel, dry and liquid units is selected based on the nature and quantity of the material to be removed. To meet the needs of the petrochemical and industrial sectors of the Gulf Coast region, the Clean-Co Systems fleet has expanded with the addition of new Guzzler NX models that delivers 5300 cfm with maximum vacuum level of 28 inches hg. Increased operating speed allows you to do much more work at lower engine rpms.

Roll Off Vacuum TruckCheck out our Vacuum Truck

Vacuum and Roll Off Truck Services Offered:

  • Pit and Sump Cleanouts
  • Storm Water and Sewer Drainage*
  • Tanks
  • Trenches
  • Ponds
  • Site Transfer
  • Solids & Liquid
  • Roll Off Trucks
  • Dust Catch
  • Basin Water
  • Intake Materials
  • Storage and Transfer Areas
  • Power Plants
  • Physical Plant Maintenance
  • Oil Field Service
  • Double Hauler Trucks

Fly Ash - Utilizing air-moving vacuum equipment, Clean-Co Systems personnel remove fly ash from boiler systems including penthouses, hoppers, stacks, precipitators, top and bottom ash collection points and bag housing. Using high-vacuum units outfitted with cooling ring lines, we move hot molten ash for our utility customers' equipment during forced outages.

Strong trucks to clean sewersPit and Sump Cleanouts - Clean-Co Systems Industrial Services cleans out pits and sumps including cooling towers, wastewater treatment chambers for grit, solids separation, chelation, and pits beneath process machinery.

Site Transfer - We provide site transfer of vacuumed materials such as wood chips, lime, sawdust, and black or green liquors.

Dust - We control dust by vacuuming tissue mill dust areas, lime kiln dust areas, or other surfaces with light particulate requiring cleaning.

Catch Basin - Maintenance of catch basins is accomplished by removing obstructing materials including entire storm drainage systems.

Water Intake - We monitor screen areas and channels to remove sediments and debris.

Materials Storage and Transfer Areas - Clean-Co Systems handles recovery of materials spilled from carrier and unloading areas. We provide removal of material spilled from handling and/or transfer equipment and surrounding areas as well as cleaning of material storage areas including stockpiles, tanks, bins, and silos.

Power Plants - Cleaning of dead air space within boilers; removal of top and bottom ash from penthouses, duct work, hoppers, stacks, precipitators, and bag houses; cleaning of coal spills in receiving, handling, and processing; and general cleaning of any and all exposed surfaces where ash accumulates is provided by our staff.

Physical Plant Maintenance - We also clean material from drainage systems including ditches, drain lines, catch basins, and entire storm drain systems; provide general cleaning of accumulated material from beams, piping, duct work, and machinery in processing buildings; and handle spill removal in both interior and exterior plant locations.