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Heat Exchanger Cleaning Facility
CleanCo Systems facility is equipped with a 100,000 lb. overhead crane for safe handling of the exchangers. The latest technology in high pressure Hydro-blasting and Water-lancing is the primary means of achieving maximum cleaning results. Shell Side and Tube Side exchangers are remotely controlled and cleaned by a trained technician. The highest priority of safety and environmental responsibility is the key element in the design of the new facility. It is eco-friendly with an on-site waste water treatment plant.

Off-Site Heat Exchanger Cleaning is a safe alternative


CleanCo Systems 5 Lancer machine does the job in 1/2 the time of a normal lancing machine.

A 1200 tube heat exchanger can be cleaned in 12 hours

Heat Exchanger

When a chemical plant or refinery has the opportunity to send their exchangers off site, they reduce their exposure to risk considerably. The controlled environment of the CleanCo Systems industrial Heat Exchanger facility eliminates odor releases and "aerosol" drifts that normally occur with field cleaning at the chemical plant or refinery.

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