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Utilities, Pipe and Sewer Inspection by Crawler Camera for High Flow Utilities

Cleanco remote mini camera compact crawlerSewer Pipe Inspection

Our sewer camera enables video inspection inside of miles of pipes. The camera is mounted on a motorized base – and remotely controlled by a portable device. It has exceptional industrial versatility:

  • Internal inspection of pipes
  • High flow large diameter pipes
  • Crawler rover to traverse rough terrain or blockage
  • Intrinsically safe, sealed camera system
  • Sewer blockage location and severity assessment
  • Water pipeline and drainage systems
  • Industrial lines
  • Confined space investigation
  • Tank and well inspections
  • The interior of waste holding tanks
  • Ductwork
  • Heat and cooling lines
  • What do you need to view?

A sewer camera operates in demanding environments.
Our rugged, sealed systems always deliver the video inspection you require.
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Other names you may have heard for this remote control technology include robotic camera and tele-inspection. When you need a video look on the inside of an area that can not be seen any other way, a remote sewer camera provides a fully-digital clear, sharp video image – in real time. If we are providing our sewer drain cleaning service, this is an invaluable tool for controlling the job and ensuring the success of the operation.

A Cleanco worker working the Jet RodderA sewer camera travels on a special tractor base (often called a crawler vehicle), so that it can run over debris and through the effluent common in sewers. The lines do not need to be cleaned first. The device transmits live video back to a viewing station. We can record what our camera uncovers on a flash drive or other external drive for later review by engineers and repair crews. This technology is a major leap forward in finding blockages and breaks in sewer and drainage lines. The crawler system we utilize is one of the heaviest and most powerful made. 


  • The video inspection camera is tiny yet remarkably sensitive and highly effective in low light environments (such as a sewer or drainage pipe). The sewer camera has remote controlled capacity to pan left and right, and tilt up and down. It has built in lighting in the camera head which shines directionally depending upon where the camera is "looking". The camera head can be utilized in pipes as small as six inches in diameter, with a zoom head able to be navigated through pipes as small as eight inches. The video electronics are encased in stainless steel and aluminum and are waterproof in most of the situations that call for a sewer camera.

The video inspection probe will examine deep into pipes, drains or pipelines. It has NRTL certification (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) of OSHA compliance. ATFM Global has approved this device, and it has EX approval for hazardous area equipment.

  Camera inspection of blocked pipelines Cleanco crawler video camera for Pipe inspections

A sewer camera can prevent problems in addition to finding existing problems such as blockages and pipe failure. Industry often requires annual or periodic preventive inspections for quality assurance of water pipelines and drainage systems. Video inspection is effective in pipes of up to six feet in diameter. The cameras enable the determination of how watertight the piping is and how stable the structure appears. It can detect cracks and flaws as well. Another preventative use is at new facilities before they come on line, enabling quality control before operations begin.

We are Atex ApprovedRobotic cameras have quickly become indispensable for industry. This is a technical service our operators are well-trained to provide. The use of tele-inspection has eliminated the need to dig up pipes in an attempt to discover the source of a blockage or location of a failure. Once isolated, it provides a pinpoint accurate location for repairs.


For sewer camera examination of problems or to prevent one
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CleanCo Systems will provide an inspection using a sewer camera nationwide.