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CleanCo Systems heat exchanger cleaning is done on or off-site in a specially designed and equipped facility. Our trained technicians use two state-of-the-art technologies – high-pressure hydro blasting and water lancing – for optimum cleaning power. Why run the risks of field cleaning, such as hazardous odor release on your property? Our tightly controlled, remotely operated process is safe, effective, and fast.

Boiler Cleaning and Mobile Steam Generator Rental:

CleanCo Systems boiler tube cleaning technology is the best way to mechanically clean the interior tube surfaces and other boiler designs.

In 2021, we invested in several high-tech high-pressure boiler cleaning robots. The one pictured below has a capacity of 20,000 psi and a flow rate of 5-12 GPM. This robotic boiler tube cleaner allows ingress in a standard 15" x 12" manway, has the capability of clearing plugged tubes (in tight radius bends), and has an optional camera system for a better operator viewpoint. This device is used when human ingress is not safe and is more cost-effective than our other cleaning devices.  There is no need for a confined space entry permit.


State-of-the-art boiler tube robot photo

State-of-the-art boiler tube device showing a rail closeup

State-of-the-art boiler tube robot photo

The above 2 images are close-up views inside the mud drum of the boiler that show how the robot machine works. The hose automatically lines itself up with each tube using the mounted camera on the robot inside the mud drum of the boiler. We stock standard rail lengths but can customize the lengths to fit your needs.  Reach out to us for more information.

The newest addition to the tank cleaning line of equipment is our explosive-proof robotic tank and boiler tube cleaner.  This high-pressure capable robot (from 10,000 to 40,000 psi) operates off of a series of explosion-proof batteries (1 charge lasts about 24 operating hours), and can be positioned by a crane onto racks or can be driven into a tank. Rubber tracks help to stabilize its crawling ability. The nozzle device articulates to reach those tight spaces or crevices. Worker safety and efficiency are achieved with ease. 

 CleanCo Systems explosion proof tank cleaner CleanCo Systems heat exchanger robot

State-of-the-art support truck for our robotic tank cleaning device

A traditional method of cleaning tubes is pictured below. A CleanCo Systems worker (image below on left) is located inside a boiler drum with 2" (inch) boiler tubes. The team is removing the scale with a high-pressure 600HP,  20,000-40,000 PSI Hydro Blaster. We are able to achieve 100% cleaning efficiency of the tube walls by running a spin nozzle into the smaller tubes.

 CleanCo Systems worker cleaning  2" tubes inside a boiler CleanCo-Systems-RHD-Pump

At CleanCo Systems, we own and maintain a variety of high-end Hyrdoblast pumps. This variety allows us to choose the exact RHD machinery for the location and job. We can bring in a 700 HP - 24,000 psi HydroBlaster (image above on right) providing 44 gallons of liquid per minute for large diameter pipes, tubing, and tanks or one of our robotic devices.

For on or off-site boiler cleaning service, safety, and the fastest return to service:
Call 1-866-922-2626 now for a free estimate of your cleaning project or contact us here.

Heat Exchanger Unit Case Studies:

  • ExxonMobil Refinery, Chalmette, LA. - High Density Coke Build-up Removal
  • The Ethyl Corporation, Houston, TX. - Chemical Cleaning process for fixed Shell Side heat exchangers
  • BP - Texas City, TX. Turnaround: Multi-tube lancing and Fin Fan Cooler

For off-site heat exchanger cleaning service, safety, and the fastest return to service:
Call 1-866-922-2626 now for a free estimate of your cleaning project or contact us here.

You can be confident that your equipment will always be safely handled. Our operation includes a 100,000 pound overhead crane at our facility. Many chemical plants and refineries choose to send their machinery off-site for heat exchanger cleaning. We pay close attention to reducing the downtime in our customer's operations.

Featured Heat Exchanger Tubing cleaning technology:

  • SPIN-JET® Technology that can clean tubes far faster than manual operations
  • Our lancer machine cuts in half the time that it usually takes to complete lancing
  • Operator training and remote controls reduce cleaning time because manual safety issues are eliminated
  • In only twelve hours we can complete heat exchanger cleaning of 1200 tubes
  • The specially designed assembly rotates for cleaning bundle faces – a challenging cleaning job
  • Our facility is built for Shell Side and Tube Side Shell and Tube heat exchangers
  • We take environmental responsibility by utilizing an on-site waste water treatment plant
  • Alkaline Boil-out with proper disposal of waste

Offsite Heat Cleaning photo

We are a leading specialty cleaning source, specializing in high pressure hydro applications. Exchanger cleaning is an important extension of our service to our industrial customers. Heat exchange produces fouling which must be cleaned away at intervals. Since all shell or tube and shell heat exchanger cleaning should be done off-line, our advanced mechanical cleaning is the first choice of industry. It is the most effective and speed efficient when compared to any other option. We have the capability to service power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, and sewage treatment operations to remove any of the deposits that impact the production rate.

  • Pre-commissioning flushing
  • Particulate (sediment) fouling
  • Corrosion
  • Biological fouling
  • Crystallization
  • Chemical reaction fouling
  • Freezing fouling
  • Mill Scaling

Techniques for Heat Exchanger Unit Cleaning

Cleanco Systems' advanced techniques for heat exchanger, boiler, pre-heater and waste heat cleaning will restore proper performance. Engineers will tell you that removal of fouling has a positive impact on your production rate and your final product. Fouled tubes invariably have a direct effect on the cost of production. In addition, if not dealt with, fouling will increase over time. Any down time for off-site cleaning pales in comparison to the cumulative effects of fouled exchangers.

Offsite Heat Cleaning photo

CleanCo Systems can provide water based hydroblasting or dry ice blasting to clean heat exchangers including fin fans. We have described in detail the care we take with tube bundles, because of the challenging nature of this portion of the heat exchanger cleaning process. But the shell side will be water blasted at pressure up to 40,000 psi for thorough cleansing. The high pressure jet nozzle moves automatically from one end to the other to produce the peak results.

We believe that industry has a right to insist on nothing but the most effective cleaning services delivered by highly trained professionals utilizing any leading edge technology available. We invite you to discuss with us the demonstrated value of our on premise or off-site method. Whether you are on the fence about field cleaning or you have already decided on off-property services, we want to talk with you. You can discover the reason we have been trusted partners with major petroleum and chemical industry companies, and more.

Our heat exchanger cleaning restores the original heat transfer capacity
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