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About Clean-Co


Clean-Co Systems Environmental Industrial Service Company is committed to providing the highest quality of work with the highest degree of safety for our valued commercial customers, employees, and the communities they support for over 25 years.

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Clean-Co Systems is one of the leading industrial and specialty cleaning companies in Texas and Louisiana. We have some of the largest ultra-high pressure water blasting machines in the United States and a patented process that is definitely a step above the rest.

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At Clean-Co Systems we maintain our reputation as the leading specialty cleaning company by making certain that the technicians and the equipment they operate are a cut above what other services can offer. See the results for yourself, and get a quote today.

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Heat Exchanger Cleaning

The Safe, Efficient, Eco-Conscious Alternative

Offsite Heat Exchange Cleaning & Repair

For over 20 years, our highest priority of safety and environmental responsibility is the key element in the design of Clean-Co Systems Heat Exchanger Cleaning facility. It is eco-friendly with an on-site waste water treatment plant. Clean-Co uses 40,000 to 50,000 PSI Blasting Machines that will pass IRIS and EDDY Current testing everytime. We pay close attention to reducing the downtime at our customer's operations, by employing sophisticated cleaning technologies. You can be confident that your equipment will always be safely handled. Our operation includes a 100,000 pound overhead crane at our facility.

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