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Greg Lauderdale Testimonial



To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing a letter of recommendation for the services of Clean-Co Systems.

We have used Clean-Co on two quick turn/critical cleaning jobs and we were more than satisfied with their performance and abilities. They went above and beyond and do an excellent job while on site. All departments within Clean-Co Systems that we worked with were professional and accommodating to our needs.

On one of the time sensitive jobs the situation was difficult, however, with the knowledge and professionalism of Clean-Co Systems it was rectified. While on site at a plant they were tasked with cleaning 112 air fine cooler header boxes. We could not use water or any type of chemicals. Clean-Co Systems had the solution of using dry-ice. They also had an aggressive drop dead date. Not only was all this accomplished but it was also done early.

Clean-Co Systems also pulled through in yet again anot her high profile emergency job. While a power plant went down in the Southeast Clean-CO Systems deployed short notice from Houston, Texas. By using chemical cleaning methods using acid and caustic they were able to get the power plant back onto the grid. They also cleaned the air fin cooler so well that it is now back to original specifications. This also led to another emergency job in the Northeast. The Northeastern site was a little unique as their unit became completely clogged. By using their acid and caustic methods again with the combination of their 40K high pressure washer it was also put  back to original specifications. Both units had 20+ years without being cleaned or maintained.

I am happy to recommend  the services of Clean-Co Systems. If you have any questions, please feel free to  contact me.


Greg Lauderdale


Kelvion Inc. AS&S

4915 Highway 90 East.

Broussard, Louisiana 70518

Phone: 337-445-3404

Experts In Heat Exchange

Greg Lauderdale  – Kelvion

Broussard , LA  USA