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For expert hazardous waste disposal rely on an industry leader. Our formidable experience, record of safety, trained operators, technology, and equipment are essential to this tightly-regulated, highly-specialized work. We have the capability to handle, process, transport and dispose of large volumes of hazards.

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Our goal is to protect the health of people and the environment, while efficiently clearing any affected area of a hazard. Safety is foremost. Compliance with any and all levels of government environmental regulation is faultless. CleanCo Systems work with speed if necessary and whenever possible. Our process is always efficient. We are dedicated to meeting your corporate environmental initiatives. Our hazardous waste disposal services include –

  • Recycling
  • Treatment
  • Incineration
  • Landfill disposal
  • Drum and bulk waste
  • Solids, sludge, liquids, and gases

We understand that the recycling of hazardous waste can impact your bottom line, and so we have made it an essential service to the industry. Whether your goal is a reduction of regulatory compliance costs, or to meet company environmental goals, we have the technology and the skills to carry out your hazardous waste disposal through recycling.

We are equipped to deal with F-list, K-list, P-list, and U-list levels of contaminants. Our processes are industry standard and earth friendly. We follow QA/QC procedures and LDR restrictions and maintain a focus on the composition of treated hazardous waste streams. From land abatement to water quality incidents, industry trusts us to lead the way in hazardous waste disposal options.

  • Our operators and processes adhere to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the strict EPA regulation of the treatment, storage, and disposal of contaminated waste. If the hazard is in soil, VCUP guidelines are followed, as is compliance with (CERCLA) the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act for emergency cleanup of pollution. All of our supervisors have completed 30 hours of OSHA training.

The industry relies on our expertise in incineration as a means of treatment and hazardous waste disposal. An incinerator changes the waste so that it becomes less of a threat. Some contaminants can be neutralized, some made less hazardous and others become safe to store and transport. Combustion destroys toxic organic hazards and also reduces the volume of waste or fully eliminates it. Treatment can also involve on-site or off-site application of neutralizing agents.

CleanCo Systems industrial fleet includes the vehicles needed for transport to a qualified hazardous waste disposal landfill. The value of our experience is in our operators' knowledge of containment of the waste for transport and prevention of the release of pollutants. We identify EPA LDR compliant landfills or can utilize your on-site impoundment unit. We will also transport waste to a site for further treatment or destruction.

CleanCo Systems brings to your situation years of experience perfected during our service to the chemical, petrochemical, refining, and other industries. Our depth of experience encompasses most of the common manufacturing and industrial wastes, and also materials from specific industries, such as refining sludge and waste water. Our disposal services can also entail chemicals and chemical products in unused form that are deemed hazardous waste when they are discarded.

We have a ten year consecutive record of no reportable workplace injuries or incidents. Because safety is so important when dealing with contaminants, you can have confidence in the record of our experienced technicians and supervisors.

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