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The high pressure washer we bring to your industrial or commercial project is called a hydro-blaster. Hydro means water – which we put under pressure – to blast away grime, paint, debris and any material you want safely and effectively removed from a surface. This is not conventional power washing. This is industrial-strength cleaning. From the walls of a manufacturing structure to the floors in a warehouse, a blast of hydro power is the answer for your specialized flat surface cleaning needs.

Only our high pressure washer
can accomplish this kind of cleaning
Plus we can finish it in 20% less time
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Your project can be completed much faster and therefore at less expense than other cleaning options. The nozzle our technicians use is larger with a patented injector system to force more grime and old paint off of a wider area in less time. The result is a surface that you can put quickly back into use.

  • All of the cleaning solution, water and debris are vacuumed away
  • The vacuum hose of our high pressure washer is attached alongside the cleaning nozzle.
  • A powerful vacuum truck is at the other end of the hose providing suction and storage of the slurry.
  • There is no standing water on floors
  • The technique does not require sweeping up the old paint and debris.
  • The surface is ready for a coat of paint, sealer or acrylic coating.

CleanCo Systems hydro blaster high pressure washer utilizes the Na-184 ionic difference. This is a water hardener that transforms the molecules of water into microscopic beads that effectively abrade without any possibility of harm to the surface (unlike the damaging result of sand blast cleaning). Once the "hard water" dislodges paint and industrial deposits, an ionic bond is created so that the residue binds to the Na-184 and is suctioned away. There are no leftovers to foul nearby machinery or to leave a mess on the floor.

Ionized water is non-toxic, and so it poses no health risk to anyone in the jobsite. Our operators have been specifically trained and tested on our leading edge high pressure washer to ensure workplace safety and conformity with government requirements. Because there is no residue left behind, the combination of safe ionic water and simultaneous vacuuming of debris means absolutely no airborne contaminant is present during industrial or commercial cleaning.

Our high pressure washer removes virtually all unnecessary surface material in both internal and external locations. This has made it the ideal choice of building owners and managers who need boiler and heat exchanger build up removed. It has been proven to be effective for cleaning fouled tanks; reactors; crusting on sewers and pipes; dirty or oxidized towers and lines; in fact, for most structural surfaces. A call to us at the number just below can determine how our leading edge process can handle your specific cleaning needs, from preparing surfaces for repainting to getting into hard to reach spots.

We believe that when you compare our high pressure washer with conventional cleaning "wands"; and when you look at the differences from chemical solvent cleaning – you will be convinced that the process we provide is superior. The innovation behind the technology is apparent in the patented injector technology; the ground-breaking use of cleaning at the molecular level; coupled with a wider nozzle and parallel suctioning away of water and debris.

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