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Multi-Tube Lancing for Industrial Cleaning

CleanCo Systems Semi-Automated Tube Lancer is a safe and effective tool for I.D. heat exchanger tube cleaning

The system guides a rigid high-pressure lance, or multiple lances, in and out of tubes via operator controls. With pressures from 10,000 psi up to 40,000 psi, the system can clean tubes up to three times faster than manual methods. Because the system is constructed with heavy-gauge aluminum, corrosion does not occur. The optional operator station minimizes exposure risks and includes a seat and climate control device.

Multi Tube Lancing

Restore effective heat transfer in condensers, natural circulation reboilers, evaporators, or any tube bundle with these powerful systems.

Features include:

  • More powerful, reliable, safer and productive than any manual method
  • Reduced personnel exposure to hazardous chemical/water splash
  • The most powerful lancing option wherever a rigid lance can be used
  • Three design ratings – 15,000 psi, 20,000 psi, & 40,000 psi
  • Three design ratings – 1,000 bar, 1,380 bar, & 2,750 bar
  • Modular components for versatility and easy conversion when needed
  • Tube Length – Minimum and maximum stroke required
  • Operating Pressure – Corresponds with available pumps and cleaning requirements
  • Lance Configuration – Single or Dual Rotary
  • 3-Lance Rotating
  • 5-Lance Stiff
  • Lance Size, OD – Determined by minimum tube diameter
  • Manual or Powered XY PositionerMulti Tube Lancing
  • Driven by powerful air or hydraulic motors, the lance moves into the tube bundle with up to 400 lb force. That allows the waterjet power to be applied forward, where it can go to work on blockage. Because the lance is driven at a constant speed, tube cleaning results are very uniform.
  • Uniform, thoroughly clean tube walls restore heat transfer to original condition, allowing greater throughput, and longer-lasting performance.
  • The operator is positioned 10 feet or more from the tubesheet, away from the hazards of high pressure water and chemical splashback.
  • Modular design allows quick and economical conversion between different lance configurations, tube bundle lengths, and pressure ratings.