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Dry Ice Blasting and Cleaning Services

Dry Ice Blasting using (CO2) is a precision cleaning breakthrough that has been discovered by a growing number of industries and commercial enterprises.

Dry Ice Blasting was used to clean inside a reactor at a major chemical plant located in Houston, Texas. The project required that the walls be cleaned down to the white metal.

Carbon Dioxide blasting was the most environmentally friendly and effective solution.

Dry Ice Blasting


Dry ice blasting is a good solution for everything from removing heavy slag to cleaning sensitive semi-conductors. It is fast, uncomplicated, and cost-effective.

  • Fast: There is almost no post-cleanup because there is no waste water, unlike steam cleaning or chemicals
  • Uncomplicated: there is no grit or dust left behind even though the technique is as effective as abrasive sandblasting
  • Cost effective: Some machinery can be cleaned on-line or with minimal downtime, and there is no time lost or expense for disposal of residue

Dry ice blasting allows in-plant maintenance and production cleaning.
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Cleaning with dry ice protects any surface under the grime without abrasion. Unlike sand, bead blasting, or chemicals, dry ice (CO2) pellets will not leave pits or scratches. CO2 is not a hazardous chemical, unlike most industrial cleaning solvents.

How Is Dry Ice Used In The Cleaning Process?

Dry ice cleaning and blasting uses compressed air to force CO2 pellets out of a tube through a narrow tip aimed at the surface to be cleaned.

Although it looks much like pressure washing or sand blasting, the big difference is that dry ice is – dry. The CO2 is so cold – 109° below zero – that it causes the dirt molecules to shrink, loosening them from the surface.

As soon as the ice pellets hit the surface, they change from solid to gas, creating a molecular "blast" that pries off dirt, grime, and paint without significantly lowering the temperature of the surface.

Pros of Dry Ice Media Cleaning

  • The surface temperature of metal does not drop below 67 degrees, leaving the machinery clean of deposits and without damage. Ice Pellets bounce off surfaces and do not freeze the surface. 
  • The only thing left to do is sweep up the residue of paint, ink, resins, asphalt, grime, adhesives or whatever has been removed from surfaces. No waste water. No chemical drainage. No sand or plastic beads scattered around. The solid pellets of CO2 dissipate and go into the atmosphere.
  • There is no dust or detritus from dry ice blasting that can be trapped in or foul up either the machinery being cleaned or nearby equipment.
  • The pellets are non-toxic; pose no workplace hazard to people or equipment, and meet EPA, USDA and FDA guidelines.

Parts and machinery can be cleaned in place (greatly reducing downtime). You no longer have to take apart industrial equipment, move it to a cleaning area, and then move it back to the manufacturing floor to be reassembled.

The dry ice blasting nozzle is agile for reaching the most exposed areas. If needed, some strategic disassembly performed in-place enables the cleaning to be completed thoroughly.

Dry Ice Industrial Cleaning Case Study - Fin Fan Cooler - Before and After of Heat Exchanger after Cleaning

See Our Photo Gallery of Dry Ice Blasting Results 

fin fan cooler tubes with deposits and grime                 Inside Fin Fan tubes after Dry Ice Blasting

Examples of before (left image) and after (right image) of CleanCo Systems Industrial Dry Ice Blasting inside fin fan tubes.

Cleaning of Heat Exchanger Fin Fans with dry ice blasting


Dry Ice Cleaning and Blasting In Industrial Applications

Electrical parts and generators can be back in service immediately because you don't have to wait for water or chemicals to dry.

Dry ice blasting of radioactive deposits is simpler because the contaminated residue requires far smaller storage containers than contaminated waste water from pressure washing.

Dry ice is being used for cleaning in applications around the world including:

  • Fin Fan Heat Exchanger cleaning
    • Inside Heat Exchanger Tubes - Inside Diameter (ID)
    • Outside Fin Fans Cooler cleaning
  • Fire Clean-Up and Restoration
  • Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Printing presses
  • Manufacturing equipment cleaning
  • Piping Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Storage tanks
  • Reactor Cleaning
  • Shell and Tube Heating exchangers
  • Oil field equipment
  • Turbines and transformers
  • Power sub-stations
  • Boilers
  • Molds and Presses
  • Electric Motors and Circuit Boards
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Generators
  • Gears

Dry Ice Blast Equipment and compressors are mobile, and we travel to your location. Our industrial cleaning technicians pass and exceed all needed certifications and safety training to work on your site. 

After considerable testing and experience, we upgraded our compressors to Ultra High air pressures to deliver the punch that Dry blasting needs to clean reactors and heat exchangers in chemical plants and the refineries in the Texas Gulf Coast and five state energy area. 

CleanCo Systems compressor capable of 750 HP at 550 PSI at 1550 CFM air compressor for Dry Ice blasting

Cleanco-DryIce-blasting-equipment compressor

Industries and commercial companies are also using dry ice blasting to complete periodic maintenance cleaning projects, because of the ability to avoid or isolate downtime. Increasingly the method is being used in the food industry, for the safe cleaning of ovens and packaging lines.

Dry ice has replaced solvents that damage the environment and are a workplace hazard, from acids to caustics. This also eliminates the very expensive hazardous waste disposal costs to get rid of both the chemical drainage and the residue which has been contaminated by the chemicals.

Dry ice blasting is the most environmentally
friendly industrial cleaning available
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We provide dry ice blasting nationwide

See Our Photo Gallery of CO2 Dry Ice Blasting


CleanCo Systems will always stay on the cutting edge in cleaning technology in the industrial field. Have questions about your specific project? Our team can answer your Dry Ice Blasting questions. We specialize in the unique and difficult. Call 1-866-922-2626 now to discuss your specific project.