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Oil Field Services

Oil field services are an industry-recognized, high-quality specialty of our company. The petroleum industry has come to rely on our menu of services that are vital to their field operations.

Hydro Truck


Servicing Oil Rig

CleanCo Systems has oilfield experience operating in the active Gulf States and Texas areas. We are a licensed contractor with most major petroleum energy and drilling companies. A short list of oilfield services we regularly provide include:

  • Sludge and deposit mechanical cleaning
  • Tank degassing
  • Vacuum truck excavation
  • Hydro excavating · Trenching
  • Tank and vessel cleaning
  • Potholing
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Drying - using vacuum
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Tank truck transport
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Equipment rental
  • Roll-off trucks and machinery
  • Excavation in hard to reach and hazardous areas
  • Waste disposal
  • Drainage ditches

Our oil field services use only the latest
equipment and highly trained operators
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Oil Field Services

CleanCo Systems is proud of our continuous service to the petroleum industry, both in our home state as well as nationwide. We are committed to the best technology because experience tells us it boosts productivity, which enables your oil field operation to function smoothly. Our oil field services are in support of your goals and our customers tell us we are a trusted partner in helping hit the mark.

  • One example of our dedication to leading edge technology is our RHD System. This revolutionary internal pipe cleaning system has custom designed cleaning nozzles, which travel through the pipelines and is forced against the internal wall in order to scour off even the toughest scaling and power through blockages. This system is light enough for portable use, which makes it ideal for oil field services. It can be operated in small and hard to maneuver areas, as well as on elevated platforms. The system is powered by a portable hydraulic unit.

For twelve years we have provided vacuum trucks and operators to the petroleum industries. Our superbly trained operators use standard liquid vacuum trucks, and our equipment superiority extends to a high performance Guzzler cleaning system. This next-generation apparatus has responded to the specific needs of the petroleum sector. It delivers 5300 cubic feet per minute with a 28 inch maximum vacuum level. The increase in operating speed has proven essential to successful oil field services.

CleanCo Systems industrial hydro excavating service enables us to dig the holes you need or to clear dirt or gravel around vertical pipes. The technology allows us to accomplish excavation around gas pipelines, drilling rigs, and at any location where conventional excavating and digging could cause risk or damage. Pressurized water excavation not only eliminates damage to the pipe or other equipment but also keeps the worksite clear by vacuuming away the material as it is excavated. These high-tech oil field services are the clear alternative to a backhoe or shovels and are very precise and fast in comparison.

We are a leader in chemical cleaning for oil field applications. We have worked with newly built systems to ensure that any residual deposits or contaminants do not foul the product. When existing pipe flow rates and other machinery have been slowed by scaling, slag, or grease, chemical cleaning is an on-site option among our oil field services. Our technicians are safety, environmentally, and operationally trained for a smooth, risk-free service.

If you choose to rent equipment but do not wish to use our operators, we can satisfy your requirements. We have an extensive inventory of rental equipment, such as pumps, generators; jet rodders, and more. You can hire tank trucks, vacuum tankers, roll off trucks, and more. This is also a service we are able to offer anywhere in the United States.

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