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Commercial Hydro Excavation Services

Houston Hydro Excavation Services

Hydro excavation is the way to go if you need to dig without any risk; when backhoes can't get to your site; or when shoveling is imprecise, risky and labor consuming.

We use water under pressure to open the hole – coupled with flowing air to simultaneously vacuum away the material you want removed. The technology is fast, clean and safer than conventional digging. We are trusted by the petroleum and chemical industries to safely work around gas pipelines, underground lines and drilling rigs. Utilities and a host of other major industries use our service to precisely open up the earth around buried cable, underground wiring and other sensitive areas.

Clean Co Hydro Excavation Services at Exxon's Corpus Chirsti Ethelyne Cracker Facility

Clean-Co Systems is proud to announce its involvement in the Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV) project as part of their newly expanding Corpus Christi branch (above image). GCGV Project, a 1.8 million tonnes/year ethane cracker facility, will include an ethane steam cracker, two polyethylene units, and a monoethylene glycol unit. CleanCo Systems looks to expand their relationship and involvement, providing the highest levels of safety and service now and well into the further in the Corpus Christi region.

Clean Co Hydro Excavation Services

We come to your project site with state of the art hydro excavation vacuum trucks.
Our operators have had top training in hydro excavating.
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You may have heard the process called "potholing", "hydro trenching" or "soft digging". Those names are good descriptions of some of the various applications of our technology. It is controlled digging that is ideal for:

  • Opening up trenches
  • Locating utilities and pipelines
  • Risk free digging in hazardous or sensitive areas
  • Pipeline tie-ins
  • Digging to place utility lines
  • Drainage ditches
  • Locations that are tough to get to
  • Cleaning tanks and other containers
  • Indoor hydro excavation
  • Contact us about your Hydro Excavation project. Our equipment is perfect for custom jobs.

Hydroexcavation Truck used by CleanCo Systems


Large Excavations, Sensitive Excavations, and Potholing

VacTruck Services for Excavation and Digging

The cutting power of our hydro excavating equipment is potent enough to remove thick industrial deposits such as plastic coatings on containment tanks. Because it can handle that kind of hard surface, it is remarkably precise when "cutting" the earth or any surface you need to excavate. Then the slurry of dirt and water travels through an 8-inch tube, at a controlled rate, into a containment tank on one of our special trucks.

There are no sparks or fumes produced by hydro excavation. This is one reason why it is perfect for cleaning tanks, and for working around gas and other flammables. Our industry-standard vehicles include liquid vacuum trucks and a very high performance "Guzzler", whose name describes its effectiveness. The equipment is self-contained, limiting crowding at your jobsite.

The benefit to you of vacuum removal of the displaced material is that your crews do not lose time on disposal. Hydro excavation reduces backfill and simplifies restoration of the dig area. Clean-co Systems knife-perfect process removes only enough for you to get the job done. A backhoe simply cannot offer that accuracy, plus a Cat may not be able to get into the tight space you have to work in. And backhoe tracks mess up the work area, especially if it is muddy. Another improvement over conventional digging is that our crew remains at ground level, which eliminates the threat of jobsite injury from trench cave in or accidental contact with "live" power lines. Hydro excavating is tailor made for safely uncovering buried utilities. All of our experienced workers are schooled in avoiding the hazards of working around buried live electricity, and they put safety first.

Hydro excavation requires less labor than conventional digging methods. There is far less disruption of the surrounding area because less material is removed, and it is vacuumed directly from ground to truck so there is no blowing dirt or debris. If there are Clean Water Act issues present, the technology is the best available for adhering to the standards involving blowing and runoff.

The petroleum, construction, and chemical industries rely on us for hydro excavation.
Let us explain how it can be applied to your workplace.
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We offer hydro excavation industrial services nationwide.