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Chemical Cleaning/Oxygen Cleaning




Gulf Coast Industrial Plant,



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Chemical Cleaning and Oxygen Cleaning is safe, quicker, and take a lot less labor, giving cost-effectiveness for your project. We utilize our own chemists and digital lab devices to determine the proper chemicals for each job. We determine what form – foam, liquid, cascading, or circulation – as well as how strong the cleaning solution is to be. No guesswork. No "one chemical fits all". We'll determine what will work – and then go to work. 


This image demonstrates that CleanCo Systems has a full-service chemical cleaning facility for dry-ice blasting and ultra-high hydro blasting. In addition, we offer a clean room (shown above) for our oxygen cleaning service, completely hydrocarbon free and sterile for zero chance of contamination.  CleanCo's Clean Room is in an isolated part of the building to avoid outside contamination.


Use of Oxygen to clean Stainless Steel Vessel at Aerospace Facility













The above image showcases Clean-Co Systems' ability to clean vessels using oxygen at an aerospace facility.



CleanCo Layout - Chemical Cleaning

The above diagram is an overhead view of our cleaning facility's layout.

Chemical cleaning does not mean a risk to people or the environment. We prefer phosphate-free biodegradable formulas that do not contain carcinogens and do not harbor risk from exposure or pose an environmental hazard in sewers and holding ponds. Our crews come equipped with portable boilers and heat exchangers, which are designed to boost the effectiveness of cleaning work. When possible, we provide options to treat on-site the waste generated during cleaning.

  • Chemical Cleaning removes sludge, rust, fouling, chemicals and residue on metal parts and ensues dryness before tagging equipment back in service. 
  • Oxygen cleaning removes all combustible contaminants that may remain as residue for equipment utilized in an oxygen rich environment. 
  • Alkaline Boil-Out is a treatment to leave metal well passivated.