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CleanCo Systems Takes Part in BP Texas City Turnaround

TEXAS CITY, TX. CleanCo Systems Industrial Service Company recently supplied contractual services to the BP refinery in Texas City as several process units were undergoing outages. The ARU and Coker units had extensive maintenance performed as CleanCo Systems (CCS) managed the cleaning, testing and repairs of seventeen heat exchangers. According to CCS General Manager Tim Green, "We were tasked with cleaning all shell side exchangers from two units here in the plant. CleanCo had four crews on site, running around the clock, hydro blasting the shell side and flex lancing the tubes. We also took some of the exchangers to our eco-friendly exchanger facility in Channelview."

The eco-friendly exchanger facility Green mentioned is designed for off-site cleaning, testing and repair of heat exchangers. The plant has a self contained, state of the art, water treatment plant that treats and re-uses up to 5000 gallons of water per minute. "BP provided a very safe area for the exchanger cleaning operations that protected plant personnel and the environment," Green explained. "The advantage we had of picking up and transporting two large exchanger bundles at a time to our Channelview facility and using our multi-lance tube cleaning system was turnaround time. While our on-site crews were blasting four heat exchangers, our off-site crews were blasting four as well."

In addition to the shell-side heat exchangers, CCS was called in to clean the Fin Fan coolers as well. "They were having trouble getting the fin fan coolers to pass inspection and needed us to apply a little more pressure," Green said. The little pressure added up to 40,000 psi and CleanCo System's 600 hp Multi-Phase Hydro-Blasting pumps. "That little bump got the project back on schedule and the owner sure did like that."