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Clean-Co Systems state-of-the-art Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Repair facility is ready to tackle all of your heat exchanger needs. Located east of Houston on Interstate 10, the complex is fully equipped with an automated shell-side cleaning system hydro-blasting pressures ranging from 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi. The adjustable flow rate can climb as high as 140 gallons per minute, depending on the particular exchangers cleaning needs. Bundles are loaded onto hydraulic actuated rollers for safe positioning and handling by a 120,000-pound capacity overhead crane. The rollers allows for safe handling and thorough cleaning of the bundles. Hydro-blast technicians operate the control panel a safe distance from the hydro-blast zone while fifteen-foot high, heavy mill vinyl curtains keep the action contained in a safe and controlled environment.

The inside diameter of the heat exchanger tubes are cleaned by an automated multi-tube lancing system. Water pressure can range from 10,000 psi to 50,000 psi. With five tubes being cleaned simultaneously from a pneumatic drive mechanical system, it is five times faster than regular flex-line lancing and 100's of times safer. The operator maintains clear of all debris and spray while working the control panel at a safe distance.
Chemical cleaning and soaking is a non-invasive approach to decontaminating heat exchangers as well. Tests are conducted to determine the right chemicals to clean contaminates prior to soaking. This method is excellent for older exchangers that are not quite ready to retire but may not readily withstand 40,000 psi blasting.

According to Mickey Rooney, President of Clean-Co Systems, one of the requirements for the design of the facility was the high-tech water treatment and recycling plant. "We wanted to take industrial cleaning to the next level with a closed loop, water retirement system that would recycle the water we used in the hydro-blasting operations". The system can treat 500 gallons of contaminated water per minute and keep three 140 gallons per minute flow rate hydro-blasters from getting thirsty.

Clean-Co will service and clean many models of heat exchange equipment, including plate and frame models. They can fix, refurbish, re-tube or replace all malfunctioning or problem parts. All work follows the guidelines of the ASME quality standards. Emergency services are available and in the Houston area can be there within an hour.

Clean-Co Systems field technicians are available 24/7/365 for exchanger extraction, loading and hauling from your site and back. Specialty designed flat bed trailers with secure tie-down systems are equipped with removable canopies that will keep the road trip private and secure. "In an effort to reduce the hazards of "on-site" heat exchanger cleaning during shutdowns and outages for our clients, we expanded our Channelview, Texas location with this new facility and are proud to now offer an 'off-site' alternative," Rooney said.