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Industrial Paint Stripping, Removal and Surface Preparation Services

CleanCo Systems Crawler is an automated surface preparation system that quickly strips vertical and horizontal surfaces, like tank walls and floors, or ship hulls and decks. The Crawler uses vacuum to grip the surface and recover wastewater and debris. A winch skid assembly with locking pulleys (included) acts as a fall arrest system and allows the operator to quickly position the Crawler on vertical surfaces. The system is driven and steered by pneumatically powered wheels, not by the cable system. The entire system is operated from a control console, allowing the operator the best location to view the work area. The Crawler also utilizes a rotating center hub design that allows the crawler to clean both up-and-down and side-to-side on vertical surfaces without the need to re-rig the system. The Multi-Phased Hydro Blaster can also be converted to an effective paint prep wand by changing to a rotating tip specifically for stripping paint. The system will strip away the toughest industrial coatings without the messy cleanup left behind from standard sand blasting preparation.