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Water Cutting Metal

Clean Co Systems patented Multi-Phased Hydro Blaster is an efficient way to deliver the cutting power of a "Plasma Cutter" but with the safety of water.

These methods of heat free cutting power can be used in sensitive areas of a facility were flammable liquids and gases are in close proximity. Utilizing 40,000 psi and a special tip that combines a garnet abrasive, the system can handle cutting through high-density polymer, metal and concrete.

The Multi-Phased Hydro Blaster has replaced the use of "chainsaws" in some Polymer Plants to cut out and remove hardened plastic from reactors. When entry into tanks and vessels that have had hydrocarbons and other flammables stored in them is needed, the precision metal cutting attachment turns the Multi-Phased Hydro Blaster into a safe and effective alternative to conventional flame cutting. Hydro Blaster cutting reduces down time and eliminates expensive procedures required for the use of flame cutting.