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Hydro Blasting of Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Tanks, Reactors and Piping

The Multi-Phased Hydroblaster, combines a patented injection cleaning system and NA-184, a stable hydrolyzed ionic water hardener. This system creates a soft abrasive from the water, (water hardener) that evaporates, just like water, leaving no residue. The surface is ready to paint or be put back into service. The feed rate of NA-184 to water is 100 parts per million (PPM). It is non-toxic and environmentally safe. It is also undetectable during the cleaning process or upon completion. The hydrolyzed ionic water causes debris and waste deposits to literally Hydro Cleaningstick to the droplets and rinse off in one application. A fifty-percent larger nozzle is utilized, removing more material much faster. A 20 percent reduction in time to complete a project can add up to 20 percent savings overall. When high pressure is needed to cut through high or low density polymers, rubber, coke, or scaling, Clean-Co Systems can "pump up the volume" with 400 horsepower, 40,000 psi and twelve gallons per minute of flow. (G.P.M. = depth of cut) Compared to four gallons per minute from conventional systems, Clean-Co Systems can reduce time and cost on even the toughest jobs.