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Emergency Response and Hydro Air Excavating Video

Hydro Air Excavating services is utilized in environmental emergency response calls for oil spills and excavating contaminated soil in a precise, almost surgical method, leaving the non-contaminated soil behind. This process reduces the waste flow and the cost of disposing of the waste. Remediation of a contaminated site is much more effective and cost efficient using Hydro Excavating Services.

Municipal Storm Sewer Cleaning

Storm sewer drains are effectively cleaned using Hydro-Excavating. CleanCo Systems has worked with city, county and state agencies on drain and storm water cleaning and excavating.

You may have heard the process called "potholing", "hydro trenching" or "soft digging". Those names are good descriptions of some of the various applications of our technology. It is controlled digging that is ideal for: * Opening up trenches * Locating utilities and pipelines * Risk free digging in hazardous or sensitive areas * Pipeline tie-ins * Digging to place utility lines Drainage ditches * Locations that are tough to get to, cleaning tanks and other containers * Indoor hydro excavating services

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