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CleanCo Systems was dispatched to Mobile, Alabama to provide over 40 vacuum trucks and 80 operators to aid in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill emergency response.

Waste disposal is an integral part of our industrial cleaning service. We offer emergency response as well as scheduled waste removal and transport. Call us for safe, environmentally sound handling of industrial wastes:

Hazardous substances (emergency; non-emergency)
Non hazardous materials
Drums and bulk waste
Soil from site remediation
Waste water and removed debris from hydro blasting
Debris etc from hydro cutting
Paint removal and disposal

Our waste disposal services are available nationwide
Including a 24-hour dispatch to urgent incidents
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We dispatch drivers and vehicles to deal with any circumstances demanding immediate emergency response, with 24 hour rapid reaction. Our experienced operators are well-trained in both safety and regulations. The apparatus we put on the road to you includes vacuum tankers, roll-off equipment, liquid transporters, and high-suction vacuum pumps for proper waste disposal of liquid, dry substances and sludge.

Oil spill cleanup demands proper management of fouled earth, sand and crude. We have experience with on-land incidents and participated in recovery efforts from the massive Gulf oil spill of 2010. An example of the heavy equipment we can bring to any situation is the 130 barrel vacuum tanker we provided for offshore oil recovery. Our total commitment to that cleanup effort involved 40 pieces of equipment and operators. Whatever the size of your circumstances, whatever it takes, we are equipped and respond rapidly. We are also experienced in waste disposal of leaking drums.

Full Waste Disposal Services including recycling, treatment, incineration, and landfill dumping.

We have thoroughly eliminated the industry concern about waste generated from cleaning surfaces, machinery and storage tanks. The Multi-Phase Hydroblaster process we developed includes the capacity for simultaneous waste water suction to a storage tank mounted on a vacuum truck. In a hazard incident, any dangerous substances that are being water blasted are immediately suctioned out of the staging area. During maintenance cleaning projects the same care is taken to remove the debris for waste disposal. This includes getting rid of the old paint that has been removed to prepare surfaces for repainting. If we have hydro cut polymer tank linings and other coatings, removal is an essential service we always provide.

Our crews and supervisors bring to every job the environmental training and knowledge to provide to you safe, government-compliant services. We follow the RCRA guidelines for treatment, handling and hazardous waste disposal as well as VCUP for soil removal and CERCLA regulations for controlled and emergency pollution remedies and contaminated soil remediation.

Soil that has been contaminated by a spill; pipeline rupture; tank overflow; saddle tank spill; and storm or earthquake damage may require excavation and the removal must adhere to a multitude of industry standards and environmental safeguards. Once again, the vacuum technology employed alongside our hydro-excavating equipment eliminates the contaminated soil, which is suctioned away. This immediate hazardous waste disposal technique eliminates standing piles of removed earth that can cause airborne contaminated dust and groundwater fouling.

Our firm has proudly served the petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries, and many others, providing the equipment and crews to haul off industrial waste and more. They salute our safety record (10 years without a mishap) and our investment in the proper equipment and training to get the job done as quickly and effectively as in possible. Our capacity to send machinery and operators anywhere in the country makes us a valuable contractor to know. Call us to get the waste off of the property and disposed of properly.

For environmentally sound waste disposal
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