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CHANNELVIEW, TX - When your bottom line has been impacted by non-functioning or malfunctioning heat exchange, we are industry's first choice to diagnose the problem, define the heat exchanger repair that is needed, then fix, refurbish, restore and replace the necessary components in order to return the equipment to service. We service, repair, and clean many models of heat exchange equipment, including plate and frame models. When complete, we follow up with thorough testing and inspection with industry approved technicians and equipment.

Whether you are a refinery in Texas or a paper company in the Northwest, our commitment to superior service extends to our work on gaskets, plates, tube bundles, transformer oil coolers, interchangers, compressor coolers and all of the essential parts of this vital industrial equipment.

A significant cause of a reduction in production rate is fouling, which only gets worse over time. Removal and cleaning will restore peak performance, eliminating the drag on the cost of production from impaired equipment. When cleaning is determined to be the best option for addressing your particular equipment problems, your service will be done off-site in our new facility that was specifically designed and equipped for remote control efficiency. The dual, superior technologies we employ are water lancing and high pressure hydroblasting. Our training and technology investment is second to none. Our SPIN JET® technologies will un-foul tubes much quicker than manual techniques.

When repairs necessitate cleaning we employ our exclusive high pressure hydroblasting and tube lancing. All of our work follows the guidelines of the ASME quality standards. When a heat exchanger goes out, it can shut you down. We offer emergency service, and in the Houston area can be there within an hour. When your unit(s) is operational but you have seen a negative impact on the production rate, call CCS. We will return your equipment to peak efficiency.
Our bottom line is flawless service, competitive pricing, rapid response and uncompromising safety.

For experienced and safe heat exchanger repair and the fastest possible return to service, call 1-866-922-2626 for a free estimate of your project.

For emergency heat exchanger repair or cleaning, our hotline number is 713-304-4148.